Entry Profile – 10+2

Duration: 10 Months


Program Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to have the understanding of environment in which fashion business operates. Further, there are various functions and activities of business that need to be performed. Students are expected to have clear understanding of those functions and activities, as that would help in recognizing the operations of fashion business. They should have sufficient knowledge in the area of fashion design, garment making, identifying trends and markets.

Students are expected to develop competencies in identifying fashion trends and replicating the same in the medium that they are working on. They should be able to understand the international trends like what’s in for spring, summer, fall, and winter. They should also be aware about fashion trends specific to India in various regions and cultures and ethnicity.

Students are expected to be aware about the technologies involved in textile design and manufacturing. They should be competent in identifying the fabric and its specific qualities and appropriateness for a specific type of dress or fashion accessory.

Fashion being a borderless profession, where cross-nation, cross-cultural influences are prevalent. Students are expected to demonstrate a global outlook with the ability to identify aspects of the global fashion business and Cross Cultural Understanding.

Students are expected to have leadership skills and ability to collaborate effectively with organizational members having diverse capabilities and skills to achieve organizational goals.

Students are expected to have enough competency to use design software professionally and implement various designs and illustration using the learnt software.


Program Content:

  1. Elements of Design
  2. Textile Studies
  3. Fashion Illustration
  4. Pattern Making and Sewing Technology
  5. Fashion Merchandising & Quality Control 
  6. Design Concepts & Hand Embroidery
  7. Design Software
  8. Digital Design Portfolio
Internship Opportunity with the Industry