Entry Profile – 10+2 with basic computing ability.

Duration – 3 Months

Program Learning Outcome

The 3-months Diploma course in Fashion Photography offered by SIFDT will train the participant to be a professional photographer for advertising and fashion industry. The program comprises of advanced camera skills, lighting, composition, visual aesthetics. Editing and finishing photographs using Adobe Light Room.  The program would also have sessions on soft skills needed for client handling and model management

The Key Topics of Fashion Photography
Introduction to Photography Basics
Introduction to Fashion Photography
Using Studio Lights, reflectors, umbrellas, soft-boxes, beauty-dish, light-meters, grey card, honey-comb in fashion photography
Product Photography
Creative studio lighting & glamour lighting
Studying various fashion styles by working with fashion designers
Understanding Makeup with professional make-up artists
Experience studio sessions, shoot models
Outdoor location shoots
Learn basic lighting for various fashion looks/ ethnic look/ bridal look/ western look/ casual look/ corporate look/sporty look/ sensuous look
Types of lighting (Butterfly/glamour lighting, Rembrandt lighting, loop lighting, rim lighting)
Understanding Shadows
Posing Styles
Basic Light-room skills.